physical-security-system-750x500Hello and welcome.  My name is Timothy Kline and I have been a security professional for the better part of two decades at a myriad of facilities and organizations throughout the Midwest.  From event venues to dignitary protection I have a substantial knowledge base and would like to be able to share what I’ve learned along the way with new and aspiring minds.

The scope of this series is to outline the aspects of physical security including:

  • Residential security – How to best secure a home
  • Commercial – How to secure a business, venue, or work-site
  • Personal – Protecting yourself/others from loss or harm
  • Property – Protecting property including vehicles, equipment, and other items.

Today you can Google “How to clear a room” and you will find a hundred “Black-ops, combat veteran, retired cop, Krav Maga specialist, army ranger, SealTeam-6, yahoos talking about “slicing the pie” and  “Tap, rack & roll”.  I’m not going to say that you do not need to be aware of tactics in security but there are much more pressing issues that you should be aware of prior ot embarking down that path.

Additionally I will never discuss cyber-threats, security, or delve deeply into fraud.  “Physical Security” is just that. If you can see it or touch it, we will cover it.